Benefits of using SeQureMe Gateway

It is a professional web based software tool that directly connects and manages SeQurme-SR GPS tracking devices with existing 3rd party AVL platforms. The SeQurme Gateway provides a detail view of mobile assets enabling proactive management and a safe way to update device’s firmware and configurations. By using SeQurme Gateway users can automatically keep track of their SIM cards knowing carrier’s name, IMSI, SIM ID and associate with SeQurme-SR devices. All history logs are automatically saved and recorded by a SIM/Device association; users can track which SIM card has been used for each device. 

Ø  Service providers can easily integrate all data strings sent by SeQurme-SR GPS tracking devices into their own enterprise software or can easily develop a customized front end.

Ø  SeQurme Gateway provides the flexibility to easily manage different types of tracking configurations, including different types of external accessories for a device or group of devices.

Ø  Secured and accurate communication between devices and servers that will guarantee optimal performance without loosing any data strings or events. Users can track the complete raw data sent by the SeQurme-SR GPS devices in order to match or evaluate with their own existing database.

Ø  Automatically track, control and manage SIM cards as they are plugged into a SeQurme-SR GPS device and have a complete history record of SIM/Device association.

Ø  Monitor the listener’s band width activity providing a valuable comparison tool with actual cellular carrier billing statement. Tracking service providers can customize alerts based on predefined thresholds in order to control GPRS data plans.

Ø  Flexibility to monitor, manage, control and update device’s firmware versions over the air.

Ø  Using SeQurme Gateway allows tracking service providers to concentrate on sales and operations cycle without being distracted by the technical details of defining scripts events, manage device configuration and communications protocols


SeQureME Gateway

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