The Key Benefits of Fleet Management Solution


Available with the facility for users to create complex geofences, thereby further increasing the management & visibility of their vehicles, assets and people. The user can create circular, rectangular or complex polygon 'alert zones' which detect if a vehicle enters or exits a defined area. 

4Powerful reporting

Provides a quick overview of a vehicle’s, asset’s and person’s  activity over the course of days, weeks or months. Offering information on daily activity, visits or whether late or early arriving to appointments. Detailed summary reports, such as Utilisation, Driver performance, can be run in real time or scheduled for delivery by email to your inbox.

4Web service access

So that customers can utilise data collected via SeQureME-BX gateway in their own business systems.

4Easy to use

An intuitive interface, with a clean and clear structure. The position of each vehicle, asset and person is automatically updated on the map.


Reliable, 24-7-365 access to SPOTON™, accessible via a secure online account using your personal ID and password.

4Languages Supported

Available in both Arabic and English versions which meets local market requirements.


SpotOn Software  

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