Features & Benefits

4Detailed and accurate tracking with Up-to-date Mapping

Minute-by-minute updates of fuel used driver behaviour, location, speed, driving time and distance travelled.

·       You now know where ALL of your mobile workers are at all times.

·       Allocate the nearest driver to the job.

·       Confirm and corroborate mileage claims

·       Switch between ultra accurate street-level mapping and satellite maps with one click.

·       Access Google Street View with the touch of a button.

4Increased Safety & Security

·       Speeding alerts

·       Impact notification

·       Panic button (option)

·       Immobilisation (option)

·       Tow-away detection

·       Harsh braking detection

·       Harsh Acceleration alerts

4Privacy & Driver ID (option)

·       Identify who is driving.

·       Protect the privacy of employees and remove the fear of “big brother” spying on them when they are not at work.

·       Automatically get private mileage data to aid with Tax compliance.

4Improve your Bottom Line

·       Fuel is often the largest single operational cost for any fleet. By improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel usage you can save many $1,000s per year.

·       Now that you have the tools to reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, you can lower your maintenance costs and increase the resale value of your vehicles.

4Improve Productivity

·       Employees are much less likely to “slack-off” when they know they are being monitored.

·       By no longer being able to start late or finish early, your mobile workers could carry out more jobs per day.

4Reduced Administration and Improve Customer Service

·       You now know where ALL of your mobile workers are and have been:

·       Instead of phoning an employee to find out where they are, just look on the map!

·       By knowing where your drivers are and their likely ETA, you can proactively keep your customers up to date, before they call you!

·       Easily corroborate mileage claims and use our automated reporting suite to produce timesheets and journey histories.

Extra Options

·          Digital Temperature sensor for cooling box with installation.

·          Door sensor with installation.

·          Immobilizer Relay for Enable and Disable the vehicle.

·          Panic button with installation.

·          I-button for driver identification with installation.