Our Valuable Clients

We are proud of the work we do for our clients and take a can-do attitude into all projects. Meeting your objectives (both clear and ambiguous), adding value and getting results are our objectives. We have a wide range of clients across many industries, from small businesses to major national and international corporations. Driver Safety, huge money, and time savings, in addition to proper route planning, are the main benefits that you derive from SeQureME Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) .

SeQureME recognizes that each industry has its own unique   requirements and challenges. We have provided solutions for the following industries:

· Cargo transport and shipping.

· Distributors.

· Transport of food & beverage.

· Transport of medicines

· Courier and delivery industry

· Public Transport

· Car Rental Companies.

· Oil field industry.

· Driver safety and driver quality control

So, the major companies in the region trust SeQureME and there are more than 3,000 vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using our devices.

Sample of Our Valued Customers: :