About SeQureME

SeQureME is the local partner of several International companies had been in the business since 15 years ago and has clients/distributors in several continents.

SeQureME occupied its position in the local market which is specialized in the asset protection and management solutions through vehicle tracking system solutions and Global Positioning System (GPS). We offers tracking solutions for financial corporations, rent cars companies and companies with large fleets as well as people who want to monitor their cars, either for asset protection or their family security. Our device allows the user to track the vehicle at any point and at any time by the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world and can monitor all driving behaviour information. Also the user can disable and enable vehicle operation remotely In case of theft.

 Benefits using AVL service:

· Asset protection

· Reduce running costs ( fuel, time, ...)

· 24/7 tracking on an unlimited number of vehicles.

· Increase productivity of workers (unauthorised stops,..)

· Assess employees

· Reduce phone bills

· Accurate and real-time retrieval of information (location, speed, driver, ..)

· Vehicle behaviour monitoring, including (out of hours   mileage, speeding, excessive driving time).

· Simple to use software accessible from anywhere via any   internet connection.

· Geofence (creates a region on the map that will trigger a     notification when a vehicle enters or exits that region)

· The possibility of setting a timetable and speed alarms as needed.

· Monitor the temperature of food or medicine in cooling box.