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Relay Immobilizer

Remotely cut and resume vehicle engine for security reasons.

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Temperature Sensor

Connects directly to the GPS Unit and providing instant reading on three different inputs.

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Audio Kit

hands free device allows to listen inside vehicles knowing exactly what’s happening automatically.

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Driver ID Buttons

Validate up to 10 different ID pre-registered in and trigger events depending if it is a valid and authorized key.

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It is designed to read CAN protocols J1939 / J1708 & J1587  for automotive applications.

Benefits using AVL service

· Asset protection

· Reduce running costs ( fuel, time, ...)

· 24/7 tracking on an unlimited number of vehicles.

· Increase productivity of workers (unauthorised stops,..)

· Assess employees

· Reduce phone bills

· Accurate and real-time retrieval of information (location, speed, driver, ..)

· Vehicle behaviour monitoring, including (out of hours mileage, speeding, excessive driving time).

· Simple to use software accessible from anywhere via any internet connection.

· Geofence (creates a region on the map that will trigger a notification when a vehicle enters or exits that region)

· The possibility of setting a timetable and speed alarms as needed.

· Monitor the temperature of food or medicine in cooling box.

Fleet Management System

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